2013-11-20 Web Meetup

GCC2013 Followup

Date November 20, 2013
Time 10 am Central US Time (-6 GMT)
Presentations GalaxyAdmins: GCC2013 Followup
Dave Clements, Srinivas Maddhi
Galaxy Project Update: moves to TACC
Links Video (Nate's TACC slides start at about 30 minutes)
Slides (Move to TACC)

Dave and Srinivas will lead a discussion following up on the issues that were raised at the [GCC2013 GalaxyAdmins Birds-of-a-Feather session](/events/gcc2013/bof/galaxy-admins/).

Nate Coraor will also discuss the recent move of from Penn State to TACC.

GCC2013 Followup

The GCC2013 GalaxyAdmins Birds-of-a-Feather session was well-attended and resulted in a number of suggestions for the group moving forward. One of those suggestions was to spend the next call on followup, so that's what we are doing.

Reference / Wiki

Action items from BoF:

  • Want a knowledge base with different descriptions of Galaxy Deployments
  • Possibly have an Admin/Logs section where people can describe what they did
  • Add a list of Admin Tutorials to Admin and Cloud Hub pages, similar to what is on the Learn hub page.

Draft implementations of the first two are in place:

  • Community/Deployments hub page
  • Community/Logs hub page (since moved to the Galaxy Blog

What do people think of this approach? The use of boxes on the right side is used to create much more informative lists of deployments and logs on their hub pages, using the macro.

Mailing Lists / Forums

Decided against creating a separate GalaxyAdmins mailing list. See BoF page for details.


  • Next meetup may be at a more Asia/Australia friendly time.

Leadership / Governance

Notes from the BoF:

  • Nothing was established here.
  • Srinivas and Dave C will continue as is, but the right thing to do is transfer Srinnivas's responsibilities to someone else.
  • Participants will think about what to do
  • Distributing workload might work
  • Dave's willing to continue lining up speakers every other month.

Call Technology

We will use the University of Iowa's Blackboard system for the call. Downloading and launching the required Java application takes a few minutes. Using a headphone with microphone to prevent audio feedback during the call is recommended.