2015-02-19 Web Meetup

Date 19 February 2015
Time 5 pm Central European Time
Topics GalaxyAdmins direction (slides)Results from the 2014 Galaxy Community Questionnaires (Slides)Galaxy Project Update: Gravity
Links Screencast
Room will open 15 minutes before meetup
Admin Questionnaire Results
Summarizes responses about deployment

GalaxyAdmins is Back!

Except for a meetup at GCC2014, the GalaxyAdmins group has been hiatus for a while. Thanks to the efforts of Hans-Rudolf Hotz, the GalaxyAdmins groupis back. Starting in February 2015, we will resume our bi-monthly web meetups.

GalaxyAdmins is a discussion group for Galaxy community members who are responsible for Galaxy installations.

Fall 2014 Galaxy Community Questionnaires Summary

The lead presentation will summarize the Galaxy Community Questionnaires that were run last fall. The questionnaires covered both Galaxy usage and deployment.

Galaxy Project Update: Gravity

Nate Coraor will also introduce Gravity:

A process manager (supervisor) and management tools for Galaxy servers.

Installing this will give you two executables, galaxycfg and galaxyadm. As their names imply, galaxycfg does things related to configuration and galaxyadm does things related to administration.

A virtualenv will automatically be created for your Galaxy server. It's a good thing.

February 2015 GalaxyAdmina Meetup, Online Conference Room

Call Technology

The meetup's online conference room will open 15 minutes before the meetup. The call will use Johns Hopkins' Adobe Connect server, which in turn uses Adobe Flash. You are encouraged to connect a few minutes early to work out any unexpected bumps.

Instructions for Participants

  • You can ask questions either by raising your hand or by typing the question in the chat box.
    • If you raise your hand, the host will need to recognize you.
    • If you ask a question verbally, please wear headphones. Not wearing headphones lead to unpleasant feedback.