GalaxyAdmins GCC2015 Meetup

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GCC2015 BoFs!

GalaxyAdmins is a group of people that are responsible for administering large Galaxy instances. We meet online every other month and at events like GCC2015, where a lot of us happen to be.

GCC2015 will be the third in=person GalaxyAdmins meetup. The GalaxyAdmins BoFs at GCC2013 and GCC2014 were very well attended and resulted in several actions items, many of which have now been implemented.

This meetup will discuss last year's action items, plans for the coming year, GalaxyAdmins leadership, and whatever else participants want to talk about.

When:: Tuesday, 7 July, 18:20

Where:: Franklin Room, JICCC

Contact:: Hans-Rudolf Hotz, Dave Clements


If you manage, or are about to manage, a Galaxy installation, then this is an excellent group to become involved with, and this BoF is a rare opportunity to meet your fellow Galaxy managers in person.

When and Where

This BoF will meet on Tuesday, 7 July at 18:20, in the Franklin Room, at the JICCC.


  • Hans-Rudolf Hotz
  • Dave Clements
  • Helena Rasche
  • Peter Briggs
  • Peter Cock
  • Nate Coraor
  • Oleksandr Moskalenko
  • Simon Gladman
  • Aaron Petkau
  • Eric Enns
  • Nuwan Goonasekera
  • Ali Al-Shahib
  • Martin Cech
  • David Kovalic
  • Jochen Bick
  • Sebastian Schaaf
  • Peter van Heusden
  • Dustin Cram
  • Anmol Hemrom
  • Aarif Mohamed Nazeer Batcha
  • Michael Riley
  • Martin Vickets
  • Brad Langhorst
  • Carrie Ganote
  • and at least 2 others.


GalaxyAdmins Meetups

  • Current format seems good, and meeting bi-monthly is about right.
  • Sebastian S: Group has shifted from complaining to much better balance.

Content and Interests

  • Gather top 3 items of concern to the community. What do people care about?
    • How do we survey to find that out?
  • Several people suggested less emphasis on "challenges we addressed in our installation" and more on:
    • Tools for admins (Eric E)
    • how to address identified challenges.
  • How do upgrade a Galaxy Server without disturbing your users.
    • Brad: updating code base.
    • Updating is a big issue. Lots of talk about upgrades and how to do it.
  • Eric E: GalaxyAdmins best practices
  • Simon: Maybe have training through Galaxy-Admins.

Other Channels / Gatherings

  • Would be nice to have a forum to discuss the most acute item of the month.

  • Could we have dedicated time on the IRC?

    • People don't want to wait?
    • Might as well get answers now, instead of wait
    • Left unresolved.
  • Peter VH: Use IRC to hack on an area collaboratively.


  • Alex: Can take the tools shed tables out of the main DB.
  • People like GIT.
  • Brad annoyed by NFS and how slow it is.
  • Lots of complaints about how slow booting is.
    • Seems to be due to reading lots of tools and configs.
    • Means when Galaxy is upgraded, it's down for a while?
    • Lots of concern about downtime after a restart
  • Eric Enns: doing cool work with BioBlend to put sequncing files where Galaxy picks them up (and uses symlinks)
  • A fair percentage of people in the room deal mainly with "non-standard" genomes.
  • Conversation about impresonating users, and really locking it down so this can't be done
  • Role based permissions.


Send them to Hans-Rudolf Hotz and Dave Clements