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GCC2015 BoFs!

Galaxy Training Network

When:: Monday, 6 July, 18:50

Where:: Franklin Room, JICCC

Contact:: Dave Clements, Andrew Lonie

The Galaxy Training Network (GTN) will have an in-person Birds of a Feather meetup at the 2015 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2015), held in Norwich, UK, 4-8 July, 2015.

GTN was unofficially launched at a GCC2014 BoF meetup (and officially launched in October). GTN is a network of trainers who teach bioinformatics using Galaxy, or teach about Galaxy itself. GTN makes it easy to find Galaxy trainers, and to share and discover the wealth of training resources available for Galaxy. This includes training materials, a trainer directory, best practices, and guidance on computing platforms for teaching with Galaxy. The Galaxy Training Network is accessible to the entire community.

If you teach with Galaxy, then please consider joining us at this BoF.


We'll talk about

  • Progress since GCC2014
  • What should GTN emphasise moving forward?
  • What ever issues participants want to cover.

Discussion before and after the meetup will happen on the Galaxy-Training mailing list. If you aren't already on that list, you are encouraged to join. It's pretty low volume.


Anyone interested in using Galaxy for bioinformatics and related learning and teaching. People who need to support such activities. You do not need to be a member of GTN to participate in this BoF.

When and Where

This BoF will be held Monday, 6 July, 18:50, in the Franklin Room.


  • Dave Clements, organiser
  • Andrew Lonie, organiser
  • Helena Rasche
  • Hans-Rudolf Hotz
  • Mark Fernandes
  • Catriona McInerney
  • Annette McGrath
  • Keywan Hassani-Pak
  • Fiona Roche
  • Peter Cock
  • Andrew McArthur
  • Erinija Pranckeviciene
  • Anmol Hemrom
  • Agata Smialowska
  • Jochen Bick
  • Brad Langhorst
  • Björn Grüning
  • Daniel Sobral
  • Simon Gladman
  • Clare Sloggett
  • Guy Reeves
  • Maria Doyle
  • Anmol Hemrom
  • Christian Schudoma
  • Christian Rausch
  • Dustin Cram
  • Krzysztof Poterlowicz
  • Agata Smialowska


Compiled from the Working Minutes for this BoF and Dave C's notes.

Goals for GTN

  • Make it easy to find trainers in particular geographies and research domains
  • Make it easy for trainers to share and reuse other’s training materials
  • Make it easy to share training best practices
  • (linking training to practice?)

Activity since GCC2014

  • Create a galaxy-teach or galaxy-train mailing list / forum
    • Done
  • Work with that list to establish what the Resource Directory (and the Trainer Directory) should look like
    • Resource Directory and Trainer Directory are up.
  • Push these best practices to the GTN Best Practices area.
    • Done
    • But not particularly maintained
  • Include a video training directory
  • Publish Best practises: created
  • Officially launched GTN in fall 2014.
  • GTN joins GOBLET

Training use cases

  • Galaxy to teach bioinformatics
  • Galaxy to teach using Galaxy
  • Galaxy to teach developing on Galaxy


  • Migrating to new wiki platform, which we hope will make it much easier to manage and populate directories of material and trainers.

What should GTN emphasise moving forward and Open Questions

  • Should we have a one day meeting before/after GCC2016, or other event? Or is it better to spend our “events about training” time elsewhere?

  • Any idea how to raise visibility of, and contributions to resource and trainer directories, and to the best practices? (And are these useful resources to maintain?)

  • How else can GTN help the Galaxy Training Community?

    • Participants welcomed the idea of a Data Carpentry Train the Trainer workshop co-located with GCC2016
      • Dave C will investigate


  • New repositories:

  • Platform for bioinformatics training:

    • all platforms have challenges
    • Most people in the room will use their own servers for training
    • tool packaging, tool cluster integration, best practise guidelines ...
      • IUC is actively developing guidelines … reusing it?
    • IPython and Interactive Environments as programming env
    • A problem is matching the platform and tools to the tutorial. Often tutorials are specific to the Galaxy they were developed on.
  • E-learning possibilities in Galaxy:

  • Best Practices

    • Training datasets
      • Need dirty data - people need classroom exposure to these.
    • Level of detail - go beyond defaults
    • Put errors in your workflows so students learn to deal with this.
  • Developer Training

    • Simon and Bjorn do this.
  • Licensing: CC-BY everything?

  • WORKING groups on particular domains. eg cancer, or plant or .. Help address the training data generation problem.


Send them to Dave Clements and Andrew Lonie.