Training opportunities at GCC2024

GCC2024 will bring about an exciting set of educational sessions so you can learn new concepts, get some practical, hands-on training, interact with others working in the similar space, and get answers for any questions you have by the top experts on the topic.

Trainings for newcomers

Welcome! If you're new to the Galaxy Community and not quite sure how it all fits together, this is your starting point.

Intro to Galaxy with Galaxy 101

Our first tutorial - a step-by-step analysis guide, displaying what Galaxy does best.

Intro to Galaxy Administration

What does it mean to administrate a Galaxy server? How do I get started? Where are the resources? Find out about them here!

Intro to Tool Development

Wrapping tools, publishing them, and finding them -- it'll all make sense after this training.

Intro to Galaxy Development

If you've ever wondered where to get started on contributing to this open source project, this is your starting point. We'll walk you through some resources, guides, and ways to get un-stuck.

Trainings for domain scientists

If you're a biologist or a biomedical engineer, or a domain scientist from Earth systems working on data interpretation, focus on the following training sessions:

Metabolomics, via MS Data Processing

Join us for this hands-on training on Liquid-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis.

Leveraging Public Single Cell Data

Seems everyone is into single-cell data these data. Learn how to integrate data from various public repositories.

Assembly and Annotation

It's been around a while but there are some really cool new, and consistent methods to learn here.

Tools for Machine Learning

There's a whole flavor of Galaxy for machine learning: Galaxy-ML with dedicated tools. This multi-part training session will get you up to speed on how to use ML tools for your data.

Pathogen Detection from Sequencing Data

Microbiome is all around us. Learn how this affects food contamination globally.

Run Alphafold in Galaxy Now

Anyone can now run Alphafold - one of the transformative tools for protein folding.

Exposomics Hands On

Learn how to process your mass spectrometry data to study the exposome!

Earth Systems

Who said not Earth is part of Galaxy?


Ecology in Galaxy is a (big!) thing.

Clinical Metaproteomics Workflow

Get your hands onto some metabolomics data!

Genome Assembly with the VGP Workflows

Learn about the genome assembly workflows created with the Vertebrate Genome Project and how you can run them!

Trainings for educators

If you are using, or looking to use Galaxy as a tool in teaching, here are some workshops that will help you be more efficient and a share your knowledge better.

Teaching with Galaxy using the GTN and TIaas

Learn how to keep your training sessions and classes on track with Galaxy's dedicated resource pool known as TIaaS. This training also focuses on incorporating best practices in utilizing the Galaxy Training Network, the largest repository of Galaxy-related training materials.

chatGXY - a Galaxy-specific Chatbot for Getting Answers

Chatbots are everywhere now - what can you do with a Galaxy-specific one?

Trainings for tool developers

Are you implementing sophisticated methods as software and want to make your tool(s) accessible to a wide audience of users? Check out the following training opportunities to learn do how disseminate your tool.

Advanced Tool Wrapping in Galaxy

Galaxy is used by tens of thousands users. Learn how to get your tool integrated and impact the work of those researchers.

Advanced Workflow Development

Techniques and methods for developing large, scalable, and maintainable workflows.

Interactive Visualizations

A picture is worth .... So join this training to learn how to effectively visualize data in Galaxy.

Building New Galaxy Communities via Tools

Learn how to build new Galaxy flavors and bring together new communities.

BioConda and BioContainers

Galaxy relies on thousands of tools in Bioconda - the biggest repository of bio tools in the world. Learn how to add your own tools to Bioconda, and in turn Galaxy.

Trainings for systems administrators and software engineers

Living in front of a terminal or an IDE? The following trainings will show you how to do that with Galaxy, or demonstrate some cool new tech. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

CSS Deep Dive for Frontend Developers

Focused on CSS to improve the user experience.

Galaxy Backend Development

Get familiar with the server-side development in Galaxy - mostly a Python-based shop.

Working with Galaxy's Automated Testing

Good software practices help create good software. Learn how to test your contributions to Galaxy.

Quantum Processing in Galaxy

Quantum computing is real! And available for trialing at this training.