Logistical details for talks, posters, and demos

Talk details

For GCC2024, all talks will be 10 minutes long. This includes time for discussion with the audience so please plan your presentation accordingly. Every accepted talk will automatically have an option to also present a poster.

Slides for your talk will be projected on a screen in the 16:9 format.

GCC2024 presentations will be streamed live. To support virtual attendees, the organizers will need slides for all talks by June 15. We ask that you please create your slides in Google Slides, share the slide deck with anyone with the link (in view-only mode), and provide a link in this spreadsheet by the June 15 deadline. Note that there is no prescribed template for the slides, just the ask to use Google Slides to make and share your slides. Also note that you are welcome to change your slides even after you've provided a link to them, all the way until the morning of your presentation. You can see when you will talk on the schedule page.

Poster details

Posters should fit within a 96cm wide and 110cm heigh (37" x 44") space, or A0 paper format. Supplies for hanging posters are provided during the poster sessions. You must bring a printed poster to the conference; there will be no opportunity to print at the conference or for the organizers to print your poster.

If you do not want to travel with a poster, here are a couple of companies in Brno that will print posters. Check with them about the timelines by when they have to have received your poster to print it in time.

Demo details

Demo presentations give you an opportunity to showcase your software live for the attendees. Demo sessions will be held alongside posters and you will be provided with a table to place your laptop. There will be wifi connectivity available but you need to bring your own laptop. Beyond that, it is entirely up to you how you organize the demo.