Metabolomics, Illustrated through MS Data Processing

Data analysis in Metabolomics requires a large variety of steps, ranging from extracting information from the raw data to statistical analysis and annotation. It can be quite complex to conduct, especially when dealing with untargeted approaches. The modularity of Galaxy is an asset to perform a complete metabolomic analysis in a single environment. In this training, we will take the example of Liquid-Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis to get an example of what is already possible in Galaxy. Training material hosted by the Galaxy Training Network will be used as a support for hands-on.

Meet the Instructors

Mélanie Pétéra

INRAE, PFEM, MetaboHUB-Clermont

Julien Saint-Vanne


Mélanie and Julien are part of the Workflow4Metabolomics team. W4M endeavours to break through the barriers that are obstructing data analysis practices in Metabolomics. It aims to promote open science in this field and facilitate knowledge dissemination by providing community resources.