Quantum Processing in Galaxy

The era of quantum computing is here. As it continues to evolve from being a technology in its infancy, to something that could perhaps revolutionize many aspects of daily life, it is capturing the interest of academia, government, and industry alike. It is thus of great importance for members of the scientific community to familiarize themselves with the theory and applications of this new computing method, and most importantly, how to program and develop algorithms on these devices. Here, we introduce the incorporation of Qiskit, IBM's python-based software stack for quantum computing, into the Galaxy ecosystem. The basic theory of quantum computing is revised in this training session, along with the many important components of the coding framework and syntaxes. We introduce a series of previously developed Qiskit tutorials and Jupyter notebooks, presenting new ways of solving some of the more relevant problems in contemporary science and engineering. Attendees will get first-hand experience in building a quantum circuit, simulating it classically, and ultimately executing it on quantum hardware (provided they have set up a free account on IBM Quantum Lab at least two weeks beforehand).

Meet the Instructors

Bryan Raubenolt

Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Hakan Doğa