Leveraging Public Single Cell Data

Vast amounts of public data are available that could help us answer all kinds of new questions – learn how to import this data from public repositories into Galaxy to start running your own single cell analyses. Come with a dataset you want to import or try it with one of our suggested datasets. We’ll also show you examples of how to leverage these public datasets to gain new insights using different Galaxy workflows.

Meet the Instructors

Wendi Bacon

The Open University
I'm a wet lab biologist by training, moving into the bioinformatics field because of a fateful day of being introduced to Galaxy a few years ago! I am interested in community building, making the (often voluntary) work of our communities easier, engaging with users, and smashing obstacles for our users to do good science.

I'm particularly interested in single cell biology because I have a few students applying these analyses in the biological context, as well as STEM education as we try and figure out how to best overcome the skills gap in both experienced and newer generations of biologists.

I'm also happy to geek out about martial arts and cooking tv. Bring it on.

Marisa Loach

The Open University
Marisa is a PhD student whose project involves reanalysing public single cell data on Galaxy.