Collecting, Organizing, and Broadcasting Galaxy Tools for a Dedicated Scientific Community (using the Galaxy Tool Metadata Extractor Workflow)

This training will explain how the Galaxy Tool Metadata Extractor workflow ( can be used to collect, organize and broadcast all tools related to specific scientific communities. The Galaxy Tool Metadata Extractor was mainly developed during the Biohackathon 2023 in Barcelona ( The workshop explains (a) how to set up the workflow for any scientific community (b) how the community can be engaged using crowed source approaches to improve the annotation for the collected tools (c) how the collected tools can be organized and prioritized based on the showcase of the microGalaxy community (d) how the resulting interactive table can be used and embedded into any website and/or galaxy subdomains

The workshop will give the opportunity to discuss potential improvements of the workflow as well as brainstorm on how to make the organization task simple and straight forward for any community.

Meet the Instructor

Paul Zierep

University of Freiburg, European Galaxy Team
Enthusiast about workflow development and microbial research. Main focus on microbiome pipeline development and tool integration. Co-organiser of the microGalaxy community.