May 2013 Galaxy Update

Galaxy Updates

Welcome to the May 2013 Galaxy Update, a monthly summary of what is going on in the Galaxy community. Galaxy Updates complement the Galaxy Development News Briefs which accompany new Galaxy releases and focus on Galaxy code updates.

New Papers

39 new papers were added to the Galaxy CiteULike Group in April, including:

There are now over 950 papers in the Galaxy CiteULike Group.

Who's Hiring

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2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013)
   Early registration closes 24 May.   

The 2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013) will be held 30 June through July 2 in Oslo Norway, at the University of Oslo.

2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013) Training Day

GCC2013 is an opportunity to participate in two full days of presentations, discussions, poster sessions, keynotes, lightning talks and breakouts, all about high-throughput biology and the tools that support it. The conference also includes a Training Day for the second year in a row, this year with more in-depth topic coverage, more concurrent sessions, and more topics.

Register early and save up to 75% off regular registration costs. Early registration is very affordable, with combined registration (Training Day + main meeting) starting at ~ €95 for post-docs and students. Registering early also assures you a spot in the Training Day workshops you want to attend. Once a session becomes full, it will be closed to new registrations. Early registration closes 24 May.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Past Galaxy Community Conferences have been the event for networking in the Galaxy: There is no better place to meet and learn from others doing high-throughput biology. GCC2013 will extend this tradition by including Birds of a Feather (BoF) meetups at the event. Birds of a Feather meetups are informal gatherings where participants group together based on common interests. If you have something you want to meet about, please start or join a GCC2013 BoF.


Globus Genomics

We are pleased to announce that Globus Genomics is a Bronze Sponsor of GCC2013.

There are still several sponsorships still available. Please contact the Organizers if your organization would like to help sponsor this event.

Other Upcoming Events

Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO) 2013 GalaxyAdmins May 2013 Meetup Workshop in Next-Generation Sequence Analysis and Metabolomics

2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013)

See the [Galaxy Events Google Calendar]( for details on these and other events.


Date Topic/Event Venue/Location Contact
May 14-16 Tutorial: Exploring and Enabling Biomedical Data Analysis with Galaxy Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO) 2013, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Anton Nekrutenko
May 15 GalaxyAdmins May 2013 Meetup GalaxyAdmins web meetup Srinivas Maddhi, Dave Clements
May 16-17 Galaxy Workflows for Bioinformatics Analysis, and
Workshop 1A – Galaxy Workflows for Bioinformatics Analysis
Workshop in Next-Generation Sequence Analysis and Metabolomics (WiNGS), UNC-Charlotte, North Carolina, United States James Taylor
May 24
June 19
Introduction to Galaxy UC Davis Bioinformatics Core Davis, California, United States Nikhil Joshi
May 28-31 A Genomics Virtual Lab for Cancer Research Bio-IT World Asia, Singapore Dominique Gorse
Next-Gen Sequencing Analysis Using GigaGalaxy Tin-Lap Lee
Open Source and Web-Based Analysis of NGS Data Using Galaxy at the Center for Research Informatics University of Chicago Jorge Andrade
May 31
June 20
Introduction to RNAseq UC Davis Bioinformatics Core Davis, California, United States Nikhil Joshi
June 6-7 Informatics on High Throughput Sequencing Data Workshop Toronto, Ontario, Cananda Francis Ouellette
June 8-11 WS08: Biomedical Data Analysis with Galaxy Workshop at European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG2013), Paris, France Anton Nekrutenko, Enis Afgan
June 9-13 61st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics
Includes at least 1 workshop and 9 posters either about or utilizing Galaxy
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States John Chilton
June 13-14 Genomics and Epigenomics with Deep Sequencing, the 24th CDB Meeting RIKEN, CDB, Kobe, Japan Anton Nekrutenko
June 20-22 W1: Next-generation sequencing data analysis with GenomeSpace and Galaxy FGED Conference, Seattle, Washington Dave Clements
June 30 - July 2 2013 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2013) University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway Organizers



The next GalaxyAdmins Meetup will be May 15 at 10 am central US time. Watch your email for details.

Galaxy Distributions

The most recent official distribution was on April 1, 2013. However, a security update was released on April 8. See this news item for details.

Tool Shed Contributions

Galaxy Tool Shed
  • snptools: Tools for functional analysis of SNPs in microbial genomes
  • rnbeads: R-package for Illumina Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip data analysis

Other News