Birds of a Feather (BoF) Flock Together at GCC2013

Birds of a Feather logo

Past Galaxy Community Conferences have been the event for networking in the Galaxy: There is no better place to meet and learn from others doing high-throughput biology. GCC2013 will extend this tradition by including Birds of a Feather (BoF) meetups at the event. Birds of a Feather meetups are informal gatherings where participants group together based on common interests. Bof meetups are a natural combination of the informal meetups and the scheduled Breakout sessions that were already happening at previous GCC's.

BoFs can range from preplanned and pre-announced to just pre-announced to completely spontaneous. Pre-announcing a BoF has the advantage that conference participants can be notified of them ahead of time, and people can plan ahead to attend.

BoF meetups are encouraged throughout GCC2013. We particularly want to encourage BoFs that flock

See the list of scheduled BoFs below.

Planned BoFs

This is a list of all the BoFs that have been proposed for GCC2013. See the BoF Schedule for the times.

BoF Schedule

Please add your BoF to this table so that other's can plan their BoF so as to minimize timing conflicts.

Day 0: SunDay 1: MonDay 2: Tue
LunchBLAST+ Wrappers, ...GalaxyAdmins BoF, Proteomics, Galaxy Clinical Use Survey and HPC Filesystems, Galaxy Professionals
EveningPublic Galaxy ServersTool DevelopersConference Dinner

Want to plan a BoF?

To plan a Birds of a Feather meetup:

  1. Create a web page for it. You are encouraged to create the page in this wiki, but it can be any where. If you want a wiki page, but don't want to learn how to edit this wiki, then send some text to [Galaxy Outreach](mailto:outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org) and we'll create it for you.
  2. Once the web page exists, add a link to it in the Planned BoFs section of this page.
  3. Tweet it (use the hashtag #usegalaxy), or notify [Galaxy Outreach](mailto:outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org). In the near future there will also be a conference mailing list you can send an announcement to.
  4. If you want, you can also create a Galaxy News Item about the BoF (or again, send the text to [Galaxy Outreach](mailto:outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org).

BoF Support

The conference will enable and encourage BoFs by

  • Encouraging conference participants to organize BoFs
  • Use this wiki page as a hub for BoFs at GCC2013.
  • Promote BoFs to all conference participants, over and over, both before and during the conference until everyone actually grows feathers.
  • Identifying and coordinating spaces, both on-site and off, where BoFs can be held