Cloud Storage API

Galaxy allows you to upload and download data to and from cloud.

This functionality is exposed via two APIs:

Download Data from Cloud

Galaxy can download data from cloud-based storage providers (e.g., Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure BLOB) to a specified history belonging to the logged-in user. The API payload for each of the providers should contain the following information:

  • Amazon S3:

      "history_id": AN_ENCODE_HISTORY_ID,
      "provider": "aws",
      "bucket": AWS_BUCKET_NAME,
      "object": AWS_OBJECT_NAME,
      "credentials": {
          "access_key": AWS_ACCESS_TOKEN,
          "secret_key": AWS_SECRET_TOKEN
  • Microsoft Azure BLOB:

      "history_id": AN_ENCODE_HISTORY_ID,
      "provider": "azure",
      "bucket": AZURE_BUCKET_NAME,
      "object": AZURE_OBJECT_NAME,
      "credentials": {
          "subscription_id": SUBSCRIPTION_ID,
          "client_id": CLIENT_ID,
          "secret": SECRET,
          "tenant": TENANT 
  • OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)

      "history_id": AN_ENCODE_HISTORY_ID,
      "provider": "openstack",
      "bucket": OPENSTACK_BUCKET_NAME,
      "object": OPENSTACK_OBJECT_NAME,
      "credentials": {
          "username": USERNAME,
          "password": PASSWORD,
          "auth_url": AUTH_URL,
          "project_name": PROJECT_NAME,
          "project_domain_name": PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME,
          "user_domain_name": USER_DOMAIN_NAME