GCC2023 is a community effort from planning to post conference publishing and feedback. In addition to all the participants, presenters, and instructors, here are the people who make it happen.

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is the oversight and coordination group that makes sure GCC2023 is runs smoothly.

To contact the organizing committee, please send an email to gcc2023-orgcomm@biocommons.org.au.

Scientific Program Committee

The scientific program committee is in charge of the scientific program for GCC2023.

Scientific Program Members

Scientific program members are community volunteers who review the submitted abstracts.

  • Andrew Lonie, Australian BioCommons, Australia
  • Anne Claire Fouilloux, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
  • Anna Syme, Melbourne Bioinformatics, Australia
  • Anshu Bhardwaj, Interdisciplinary Research Center and CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology, India
  • Bérénice Batut, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Bryan Raubenolt, Cleveland Clinic, United States
  • Cameron Hyde, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Catherine Bromhead, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Clare Sloggett, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Cristóbal Gallardo, University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Dan Blankenberg, Cleveland Clinic, United States
  • Davor Davidović, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
  • Enis Afgan, Johns Hopkins University, United States
  • Frederik Coppens, VIB, Belgium
  • Hans-Rudolf Hotz, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland
  • Ivan Jakovlić, BT Lab Wuhan, China
  • Jeremy Goecks, Oregon Health & Science University, United States
  • Justin Lee, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, Australia
  • Margita Jadan, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
  • Maria Doyle, Bioconductor, Australia
  • Matthias Bernt, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Germany
  • Natalie Kucher, Johns Hopkins University, United Stated
  • Nicola Soranzo, Earlham Institute, United Kingdom
  • Nuwan Goonasekera, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Peter van Heusden, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
  • Ralf Weber, University of Birmingham, England
  • Ross Lazarus, Galaxy Project Emeritus, Australia
  • Soyean Kim, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Thomas Harrop, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Timothy Griffin, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, United States
  • Tyler Collins, Johns Hopkins University, United States
  • Wendi Bacon, The Open University, England
  • Yvan Le Bras, Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, France

Training Coordinators

Training coordinators structure the training events at GCC2023 and coordinated with all the trainers.

CoFest Organizers

CoFest organizers coordinate activities during CoFest.


A dedicated individual responsible for capturing great moments that take place during GCC2023!

  • Looking for volunteers. Email the organizers if interested.