GCC2023 CollaborationFest (CoFest!)

CoFest is a community gathering by the members who are interested in contributing to Galaxy's tool set, documentation, training materials, code base, and anywhere else that expands the Galaxy ecosystem.

CoFest participants will coalesce around shared interests and address common topics related to those interests. These clusters form before, at the beginning of, and throughout ConFest and will be fluid and highly interactive with each other.


The goals of CoFest are to expand the Galaxy contributor community and its ecosystem.

That's a short sentence, but it is very deliberately worded:

  • Our first goal is to expand the contributor community. This CoFest is first and foremost about welcoming new contributors and helping you learn the resources and meet the people that will help you contribute.
  • The second goal is to expand the Galaxy Ecosystem. Not just the code, but the whole ecosystem. That includes training, tools, best practice workflows, documentation, test cases, translations, infrastructure, and yes, even code.

This is a Collaboration Fest. Not a hackathon, not a codefest, but a CollaborationFest.

Welcome aboard! If you'd like to get involved check out our live document of CoFest project ideas. Feel free to add to this document or join someone else's project by adding your name to the Participants column.


CoFest will be held for the last 3 days for GCC2023 - from July 14 through July 16.


To attend CoFest, please register using the portal. There is a AU$30 registration fee, used to cover drinks and lunch during the 3-day event.