GCC2023 consists of the main meeting, interactive training, and a collaboration fest (CoFest). The main meeting and the training are interleaved on the same days with the CoFest following.

Full details, including the scientific program and keynotes, will be posted as soon as the abstracts for talks, posters, and demos have been reviewed. Meanwhile, please contribute to the program by submitting your own abstract.


Each day of the meeting, there will be three sessions, morning talks, mid-day training, and afternoon talks, with breaks and lunch in between. CoFest is largely a free-form event that will be organized on the spot.

Training events will consist of five parallel tracks, each session being 2.5 hours long. More details for each of the trainings will be provided as we approach the conference.

Jul 10Jul 11Jul 12Jul 13Jul 14Jul 15Jul 16
Talks (TBD)Talks (TBD)Talks (TBD)Talks (TBD)CoFestCoFestCoFest
  1. Machine Learning with Galaxy
  2. Galaxy Workflow development
  3. Galaxy + R
  4. Intro to Genomics
  5. Single Cell Transcriptomics
  1. Galaxy Tool Development
  2. Admin Roundtable
  3. Galaxy for Ecology
  4. Genome Annotation
  5. Cancer Genomics
Talks (TBD)
  1. Contributing to the GTN
  2. Dev Small Groups
  3. Microbiology
  4. Genome Assembly with VGP
  5. Galaxy for Human Genetics
Talks (TBD)Talks (TBD)Conference dinnerTalks (TBD)