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Swiss German Galaxy Tour 2014

Swiss-German Galaxy Tour 2014

After the big success of the first Swiss Galaxy Workshop two years ago, we decided to organize a similar event again this fall. This time, we added a training day prior to the workshop, and a developer day after the workshop. The first two days were held in Bern (Switzerland), and the third in Freiburg (Germany). Hence we called the whole event: "Swiss German Galaxy Tour 2014".

More than 40 people registered for the event, signing up for one, two or all three days, depending on their interest and familiarity with Galaxy. It was great to see, and we attracted participants from all over Europe (not just Germany and Switzerland). On the training day, we promoted Galaxy by offering several hands-on sessions covering diverse topics such as the simple use of Galaxy, NGS analysis, and installing your own Galaxy instance in the cloud. During the second day, several speakers show what they use Galaxy for and how they managed to implement their tools into Galaxy.

The last day was a very interactive day discussing the latest developments in Galaxy. Have a look at the wiki pages for copies of the presentations.

We would like to thank for the financial support we got from SystemsX.ch and for all the help we got from the Galaxy team, especially for sending Dannon over to Europe. It was great to have him, and the event profited a lot from him.

Running the event at two different places caused some logistical problems - some participants even learned about European geography. But the event was again a great success and we got a lot of great feedback. We are looking forward to the next Swiss German Galaxy Tour.

Björn and Hans-Rudolf