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6 February 2024The start of OSCARS - an EOSC projectGalaxy Europe being part of the new 'Open Science Clusters' Action for Research & Society' (OSCARS)
23 December 2023Galaxy Single-cell Community: Year in ReviewThe Galaxy Single-cell Community provides a 2023 review!
22 December 2023EuroScienceGateway Work Package 3: first year achievements
14 December 2023Galaxy Europe has been added as a new ELIXIR is now an ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource!
29 November 2023Inference using a publicly available pre-trained AI model (BioModels) in GalaxyUse a Galaxy tool for making prediction on test data using publicly available pre-trained AI model (BioModels) served via a Docker container
29 November 2023New Paper "Transformer-based tool recommendation system in Galaxy"
14 November 2023"Run on Galaxy" button in WorkflowHubFind solutions and templates in WorkflowHub, immediately import to Galaxy on a click
14 November 2023AquaINFRA - welcome to EuroScienceGatewayA new community AquaINFRA joins the WP5 of European Science Gateway project
8 November 2023EuroScienceGateway project: new EGI Check-in and WLCG IAM backends available in python-social-authPython-social-auth release 4.5.0 includes two new backends contributed by EuroScienceGateway
31 October 2023EuroScienceGateway project: Easy deployment of Pulsar endpoints with Infrastructure ManagerDeploy Pulsar endpoints in the EGI Federated Cloud easily with Infrastructure Manager
30 October 2023An update on Galaxy Genome AnnotationGalaxy as a platform for the annotation of genomes
17 October 2023A brand new subdomain of Galaxy Europe : A subdomain to process, analyse and access Earth System and Environmental data
13 October 2023The European Galaxy Days are over......but we look back with a relaxed smile. Let's draw the balance!
10 October 2023EGI and EuroScienceGateway sign Service-Level AgreementElevating FAIR data analytics in EOSC: SLA between ESG and EGI; IISAS to bring in additional resources
6 October 2023QGIS : A Geographical Information System on Galaxy !Use QGIS in Galaxy Europe as an interactive tool
25 September 2023Connecting Astronomical Data Archives with GalaxyEnabling astronomers to search and download data from IVOA-compliant archives directly within Galaxy
24 June 2023ELIXIR releases 2022 Annual Report - the Galaxy perspective2022 as a year of growth for ELIXIR, and Galaxy being a part of it.
23 June 2023GPU-enabled deep learning on GalaxyTaking advantage of Galaxy's GPU computing nodes
16 June 2023Galaxy for Astronomy: Integration of the FITS file formatEnabling native support and visualization of Astronomical FITS data in Galaxy
6 June 2023New Paper "An accessible infrastructure for artificial intelligence using a Docker-based JupyterLab in Galaxy"
22 May 2023Stronger together: first FAIR-EASE and EuroScienceGateway workshopPresenting some outcomes from the first joined FAIR-EASE / EuroScienceGateway workshop
5 May 2023Joining forces in EOSC: OpenAIRE and EuroScienceGateway sign Memorandum of UnderstandingEuroScienceGateway and OpenAIRE team up to enhance accessibility and FAIRness of scientific data from the Galaxy project.
21 April 2023Galaxy admin trainingGalaxy Admin Training from April 17th to 21st in Ghent, Belgium.
15 March 2023Effortlessly navigate your Galaxy history with enhanced search optionsData searchability in the Galaxy History panel has been taken to new levels with the advanced search options that allow users to not only find items with more ease, but also find relations within items in their history.
14 March 2023Enjoy a much faster user interfaceFollowing up on our modernization efforts, we now introduce a single top-router written in Vue, which brings all our Vue components together in a seamless user experience, dramatically reducing the number of required page reloads when navigating the Galaxy user interface.
23 February 2023Exporting structured data like RO-Crate or BioComputeObjectsGalaxy has a very powerful and extensible exporting framework that now can export RO-Crate and BioComputeObjects
7 February 2023Two Horizon Europe projects directed toward the development and deployment of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)—FAIR-EASE and EuroScienceGateway (ESG)­—have agreed to closely cooperate over the next three years.
4 February 2023VirHunter: detection of novel RNA Viruses in Plant Sequencing DataA Deep Learning-Based Method for the detection of novel RNA Viruses in Plant Sequencing Data
24 January 2023GPU-enabled JupyterLab enables interactive AI use-cases in GalaxyDemocratising GPU infrastructures by providing accelerated JuypterLab instances via Galaxy and combining them with HPC workflows
24 January 2023Simple and data privacy-aware publishing of genomic variance data from Galaxy to the Beacon projectGalaxy has gained a Beacon integration that enables users to publish genetic variance data conveniently via Beacon project
20 January 2023Accessibility in Galaxy 23.0 and beyondAccessibility improvement Highlights for the upcoming 23.0 release, and a few words on accessibility in general
19 January 2023Building a distributed compute network across EuropeThe Work Package 3 of the EuroScienceGateway project
12 January 2023The Climate community within the EuroScienceGateway projectClimate Community Strategy for Work Package 5
12 January 2023Stimulate FAIR and reusable research with computational workflowsThe Work Package 2 of the EuroScienceGateway project
9 January 2023The Materials Science community within the EuroScienceGateway projectOne of the most recent adopters of the Galaxy platfrom
12 December 2022The Astronomy community and the EuroScienceGateway projectTowards harmonizing Open Data Practices in Astronomy with EuroScienceGateway community
8 December 2022Building blocks for a sustainable operating model of the EuroScienceGatewayWork Package 4 of the EuroScienceGateway project
8 December 2022The Biodiversity community and the EuroScienceGateway projectOne of the early adopters to embrace Open Science best practices
24 November 2022Introduction to the EuroScienceGateway project administration and project managementWork Package 1 of the EuroScienceGateway project
24 November 2022Use-cases from early adopters to embrace Open Science best practicesWork Package 5 of the EuroScienceGateway project
21 November 2022Task-based history export trackingNew pull request from David López merged: Add task-based history export tracking
14 November 2022BGE - Kickoff meetingThe BGE project kick-off meeting was celebrated between November 14th and November 18th in Leiden.
6 November 2022EuroScienceGateway - Kickoff meetingThe EuroScienceGateway project started officially with a 2 days kickoff meeting with all 17 partners
5 November 2022The start of the EuroScienceGateway - an EOSC projectEuroScienceGateway will deliver a robust, scalable, seamlessly integrated open infrastructure for data-driven research

EuroScienceGateway was funded by the European Union programme Horizon Europe (HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EOSC-01-04) under grant agreement number 101057388 and by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee grant number 10038963.