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12 April 2024Annual Report 2023 of the Freiburg Galaxy TeamReport about activities and achievements
22 March 2024BioNT Community Event: Open call for proposalsAre you interested in training and want to exchange and get to know other learning communities? BioNT, together with the Carpentries, is hosting a 3-day community event.
19 March 2024Galaxy Team Meeting in Austin, TexasCheck out what was accomplished when part of the Galaxy team got together in Austin, Texas, for a team meeting!
19 March 2024James 'JJ' Johnson
18 March 2024Galaxy Newsletter: March 2024Dive into the March 2024 Galaxy Newsletter!
8 March 2024Achievements during the 'Image Analysis in Galaxy' hackathonFind out the new features that are now available for image analysts!
7 March 2024NCBI Foreign Contamination Screen Tool: Now Available in Galaxy!We are thrilled to have partnered with NCBI to include their Foreign Contamination Screen tool in Galaxy!
4 March 2024
1 March 2024CellProfiler now available in Galaxy as an interactive tool tooUse CellProfiler as if you were working in your local workstation
29 February 2024
29 February 2024Initial EuroScienceGateway workflows published in WorkflowHubWorkflows covering astronomy, biodiversity, earth science and genomics published in WorkflowHub together with onboarding guide
28 February 2024FOSDEM 2024: How Galaxy democratizes data analysisGalaxy Europe at the Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting in Brussels 🍟
27 February 2024Horizon Europe project EOSC EuroScienceGateway at EOSC Winter School 2024
26 February 2024Napari: A fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer on Galaxy!Use Napari in the European Galaxy Server as an interactive tool
26 February 2024Molecular Biology of Plants conference (MBP 2024)Poster Presentation entitled MAdLand Tools & Resources
23 February 2024DOMPS Plant Science SeminarSeminar talk entitled MAdLand Resources & Tools presented by Deepti Varshney and Saskia Hiltemann
9 February 2024PAG31 Meeting ReportRead about Galaxy's participation at PAG31.
7 February 2024Galaxy Release 23.2Workflow comments, InvenioRDM integration, improved search, admin and config updates and more!
6 February 2024The start of OSCARS - an EOSC projectGalaxy Europe being part of the new 'Open Science Clusters' Action for Research & Society' (OSCARS)
4 February 2024Satellite data for earth sciencesJupyterlabs and Notebooks for earth, environment, and climate sciences
30 January 2024
29 January 2024
26 January 2024Galaxy is Leaving Twitter/XEffective March 31st, 2024, Galaxy will be leaving Twitter/X.
17 January 2024
15 January 2024Graphical retrospectives of personal and community-wide contributions to GalaxyWeb-based tool to keep track of activities within the different Galaxy communities based on the Git histories of the relevant repositories on GitHub.
23 December 2023Galaxy Single-cell Community: Year in ReviewThe Galaxy Single-cell Community provides a 2023 review!
22 December 2023EuroScienceGateway Work Package 3: first year achievements
19 December 2023Galaxy Newsletter: December 2023Check out the December 2023 Galaxy Newsletter to learn about some of the highlights of 2023, take a look ahead into 2024, and read some of this year's top Galaxy Success Stories!
18 December 2023
14 December 2023Galaxy Europe has been added as a new ELIXIR RIRusegalaxy.eu is now an ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource!
12 December 2023
29 November 2023Inference using a publicly available pre-trained AI model (BioModels) in GalaxyUse a Galaxy tool for making prediction on test data using publicly available pre-trained AI model (BioModels) served via a Docker container
29 November 2023New Paper "Transformer-based tool recommendation system in Galaxy"
21 November 2023
21 November 20232nd BioNT Training workshop - From Hero to Zero with PythonBioNT delivered its second training workshop, From Hero to Zero with Python, from 21th to 24th of November, 2023. This post reports this workshop's organisation, and the backgound and feedback of its applicants and participants.
21 November 2023
20 November 2023
14 November 2023AquaINFRA - welcome to EuroScienceGatewayA new community AquaINFRA joins the WP5 of European Science Gateway project
14 November 2023"Run on Galaxy" button in WorkflowHubFind solutions and templates in WorkflowHub, immediately import to Galaxy on a click
8 November 2023EuroScienceGateway project: new EGI Check-in and WLCG IAM backends available in python-social-authPython-social-auth release 4.5.0 includes two new backends contributed by EuroScienceGateway
31 October 2023EuroScienceGateway project: Easy deployment of Pulsar endpoints with Infrastructure ManagerDeploy Pulsar endpoints in the EGI Federated Cloud easily with Infrastructure Manager
30 October 2023An update on Galaxy Genome AnnotationGalaxy as a platform for the annotation of genomes
30 October 2023bwHPC SymposiumIntroducing Galaxy: A new cloud and HPC gateway for data-driven computational research
25 October 2023Galaxy and workflows: advancing SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance in wastewaterGalaxy empowered research in SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in wastewater
18 October 2023Ocean Data View : a new and first of it's kind tool for the Earth-System subdomain Use Ocean Data View (ODV) in Galaxy Europe as an interactive tool
17 October 2023A brand new subdomain of Galaxy Europe : earth-system.usegalaxy.eu A subdomain to process, analyse and access Earth System and Environmental data
13 October 2023The European Galaxy Days are over......but we look back with a relaxed smile. Let's draw the balance!
12 October 2023
12 October 2023Galaxy goes Research Data InfrastructureThe Galaxy Europe Team active at NFDI's CoRDI (Karlsruhe, Germany, Sep 12th to 14th)
10 October 2023EGI and EuroScienceGateway sign Service-Level AgreementElevating FAIR data analytics in EOSC: SLA between ESG and EGI; IISAS to bring in additional resources
6 October 2023QGIS : A Geographical Information System on Galaxy !Use QGIS in Galaxy Europe as an interactive tool
5 October 2023Galaxy 23.1 ReleaseGalaxy 23.1 is here! Check out the highlights!
5 October 2023
3 October 2023New Review Article "A Galaxy of informatics resources for MS-based proteomics"Mehta et al. have written a review about the Galaxy ecosystem as it has emerged as a pivotal player by providing a range of open-source tools and adaptable computing solutions for proteomics research
29 September 2023Success Story: “TIaaS: Training Infrastructure as a Service for an MGnify training”The MGnify team of EMBL-EBI have used [TIaaS](https://usegalaxy.eu/tiaas/) to run the [MGnify Interactive Tool](https://usegalaxy.eu/?tool_id=interactive_tool_mgnify_notebook) on scale
28 September 20231st BioNT Training workshop - A practical introduction to bioinformatics and RNA-seq using GalaxyBioNT delivered its first training workshop, A practical introduction to bioinformatics and RNA-seq using Galaxy, from 4th to 8th of September, 2023. This post reports this workshop's organisation, the applicants and participants, as well as their feedback about it.
28 September 2023New Paper "Integrative meta-omics in Galaxy and beyond"Schiml *et al.* present three integrative meta-omics workflows, developed in Galaxy, for enhanced analysis and integration of metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and metaproteomics, combined with a newly developed web-application, ViMO (Visualizer for Meta-Omics) to analyse metabolisms in complex microbial communities.
28 September 2023Time to celebrate!Galaxy having grown up and matured - happy 18th birthday!
25 September 2023Connecting Astronomical Data Archives with GalaxyEnabling astronomers to search and download data from IVOA-compliant archives directly within Galaxy
18 September 2023Galaxy taking part @ German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) 2023From the 11th to the 14th of September, Engy Nasr and Paul Zierep from the Freiburg Galaxy team travelled to Hamburg to join and present their posters at the German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB) 2023
15 September 2023Interactive tool collection is growingNew and improved interactive tools are available
13 September 2023Galaxy Newsletter: September 2023Galaxy is excited to announce the relaunch of our Galaxy Newsletter! We are thrilled to share updates on Galaxy, including topics such as events, scientific successes, and general community announcements.
11 September 2023We are striking!usegalaxy.eu closes job-queue on September 15th to support climate strike
14 August 2023GCC2023 Meeting ReportThat's a wrap! Catch up on all the highlights from GCC2023 here!
14 August 2023ChatGPT in Galaxy via Jupyter notebooksUse ChatGPT in Galaxy Europe via JupyterLab interactive tool.
11 August 2023Survival analysis for right censored data using lifelinesKaplan-Meier and Cox proportional hazards models are available for testing in Galaxy
7 August 2023Generic scatter plots for any Galaxy tabular dataA tool generating interactive HTML scatter plots from Galaxy tabular data is now available for testing
24 July 2023Freiburg Galaxy team at the EGI 2023From June 19th to 23rd, members from the Freiburg Galaxy team traveled to Poznań, Poland to participate and present the EuroScienceGateway (ESG) project at the EGI2023 meeting
20 July 2023
11 July 2023Carbon Emissions Reporting in GalaxyDynamic carbon emissions reporting for jobs in Galaxy
7 July 2023Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference 2023Several Galaxy Community members gathered in Davos
30 June 2023Galaxy Single-cell UpdatesLatest updates on Galaxy tools, workflows and training materials developed by the Galaxy single-cell community
28 June 2023Upscaling file uploads with rustusMigrating the server software behind our file upload system
27 June 2023
24 June 2023ELIXIR releases 2022 Annual Report - the Galaxy perspective2022 as a year of growth for ELIXIR, and Galaxy being a part of it.
23 June 2023GPU-enabled deep learning on GalaxyTaking advantage of Galaxy's GPU computing nodes
21 June 2023
16 June 2023Galaxy for Astronomy: Integration of the FITS file formatEnabling native support and visualization of Astronomical FITS data in Galaxy
16 June 2023Coordination meeting of EOSC-related projects funded under Horizon EuropeMembers of the EuroScienceGateway project attended the EOSC Coordination meeting in Brussels
16 June 2023Freiburg Galaxy team at the ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2023From June 5th to 8th, several members from the Freiburg Galaxy team travelled to Dublin, Ireland to participant and present their work at the ELIXIR All Hands Meeting 2023
7 June 2023
6 June 2023New Paper "An accessible infrastructure for artificial intelligence using a Docker-based JupyterLab in Galaxy"
6 June 2023EU Maintenance Announcement 12th JuneEU database maintenance, 8hrs downtime estimated
1 June 2023
22 May 2023Stronger together: first FAIR-EASE and EuroScienceGateway workshopPresenting some outcomes from the first joined FAIR-EASE / EuroScienceGateway workshop
21 May 2023New Paper "A panel of blood-derived miRNAs with a stable expression pattern as a potential pan-cancer detection signature"Sabbaghian and colleagues have used the European Galaxy server to study miRNAs as biomarkers for cancer
17 May 2023New Galaxy training: Genome-wide alternative splicing analysisGTN hosts a new training for analyzing alternative splicing at genome-wide scale
11 May 2023
8 May 2023Replacing the Job Router with Zero Downtime on EUMothballing the Sorting Hat – how we migrated our dynamic job routing
6 May 2023Galaxy taking part @ Applied Bioinformatics & Public Health Microbiology 2023From the 3rd to the 5th of May, Engy Nasr from the Freiburg Galaxy team travelled to Hinxton, England to join and present her work at the Applied Bioinformatics & Public Health Microbiology 2023 conference
5 May 2023Joining forces in EOSC: OpenAIRE and EuroScienceGateway sign Memorandum of UnderstandingEuroScienceGateway and OpenAIRE team up to enhance accessibility and FAIRness of scientific data from the Galaxy project.
21 April 2023You understand the data? Call for action!Civil disobedience by climate activists is neither futile nor a criminal act statement of scientists says
21 April 2023Galaxy admin trainingGalaxy Admin Training from April 17th to 21st in Ghent, Belgium.
20 April 2023
19 April 2023
19 April 2023
19 April 2023
13 April 2023
31 March 2023Using Galaxy & TIaaS to teach hands-on genome assembly and annotationOn Feb. 27 to Mar. 3, we (several VGP-associated instructors) used the UseGalaxy EU infrastructure to aid in teaching an online Physalia course of 40+ students how to assemble and annotate their own genome from their browser.
21 March 2023
21 March 2023Evaluation of the current usage and future needs of Galaxy for microbial data analysis - We Need Your Help!The microGalaxy community of practice would like to learn more about use-cases where Galaxy was beneficial, and also the barriers that prevent researchers from using Galaxy. The aim is to collectively find solutions to improve user experience and reduce barriers. To this end, we are launching a survey to reach out to, and learn from, the microbial research community.
16 March 2023New Paper "Return of the Tbx5; lineage-tracing reveals ventricular cardiomyocyte-like precursors in the injured adult mammalian heart"Siatra et al. have used the European Galaxy server to identify cell populations capable of cardiac regeneration that we will be able to trace and monitor
15 March 2023Effortlessly navigate your Galaxy history with enhanced search optionsData searchability in the Galaxy History panel has been taken to new levels with the advanced search options that allow users to not only find items with more ease, but also find relations within items in their history.
14 March 2023Enjoy a much faster user interfaceFollowing up on our modernization efforts, we now introduce a single top-router written in Vue, which brings all our Vue components together in a seamless user experience, dramatically reducing the number of required page reloads when navigating the Galaxy user interface.
8 March 2023Galaxy Mentor Network: ResetWe launched the [Galaxy Mentor Network](https://galaxy-mentor-network.netlify.app/) one year ago with the idea to onboard new members in the community. Now, one year later, we realize that we failed. We still believe in the power that the Galaxy Mentor Network, and, in that spirit, we would like to relaunch the Galaxy Mentor Network with a new matching process.
5 March 2023New Paper "Comparative phylogenomic insights of KCS and ELO gene families in Brassica species indicate their role in seed development and stress responsiveness"Khan et al. present a comparative genome-wide analysis and mode of evolution of Ketoacyl-CoA synthase (KCS) and Elongation Defective Elongase (ELO) gene families
28 February 2023New Paper "Intrasexual cuticular hydrocarbon dimorphism in a wasp sheds light on hydrocarbon biosynthesis genes in Hymenoptera"Moris et al. have used the European Galaxy server to exploit the intrasexual CHC dimorphism in a mason wasp, Odynerus spinipes
27 February 2023We are striking!usegalaxy.eu closes job-queue on March 3 to support climate strike
24 February 2023New Paper "The Planemo toolkit for developing, deploying, and executing scientific data analyses in Galaxy and beyond"Bray *et al.* outline the implementation and broad range of functionality of Planemo, a software development kit for designing, testing, and executing Galaxy tools, workflows, and training materials.
23 February 2023Exporting structured data like RO-Crate or BioComputeObjectsGalaxy has a very powerful and extensible exporting framework that now can export RO-Crate and BioComputeObjects
20 February 2023TIaaS allows trainees’ jobs to be run preferentially and avoids long execution times, depending on the server load. By providing access to this service, the Galaxy Training Network ensured that TIaaS would be freely available to anyone and facilitated access to an extensive catalogue of FAIR training materials.
20 February 2023New Paper "Genome-wide deposition of 6-methyladenine in human DNA reduces the viability of HEK293 cells and directly influences gene expression"Broche and colleagues have used the European Galaxy server to analyse the role of m6dA in human DNA
9 February 2023New Paper "Whole genome sequence analysis of the first reported isolate of Salmonella Agona carrying blaCTX-M-55 gene in Brazil"Bertani et al. have used the European Galaxy server to analyse the whole genome sequence of Salmonella Agona carrying blaCTX-M-55 gene
8 February 2023
7 February 2023Two Horizon Europe projects directed toward the development and deployment of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)—FAIR-EASE and EuroScienceGateway (ESG)­—have agreed to closely cooperate over the next three years.
5 February 2023How tools are created and maintained in GalaxyA short summary about Galaxy tools development, maintenance and deployment.
2 February 2023
26 January 2023
24 January 2023
24 January 2023GPU-enabled JupyterLab enables interactive AI use-cases in GalaxyDemocratising GPU infrastructures by providing accelerated JuypterLab instances via Galaxy and combining them with HPC workflows
24 January 2023Simple and data privacy-aware publishing of genomic variance data from Galaxy to the Beacon projectGalaxy has gained a Beacon integration that enables users to publish genetic variance data conveniently via Beacon project
23 January 2023
20 January 2023Accessibility in Galaxy 23.0 and beyondAccessibility improvement Highlights for the upcoming 23.0 release, and a few words on accessibility in general
19 January 2023Building a distributed compute network across EuropeThe Work Package 3 of the EuroScienceGateway project
12 January 2023The Climate community within the EuroScienceGateway projectClimate Community Strategy for Work Package 5
12 January 2023Stimulate FAIR and reusable research with computational workflowsThe Work Package 2 of the EuroScienceGateway project
9 January 2023The Materials Science community within the EuroScienceGateway projectOne of the most recent adopters of the Galaxy platfrom
4 January 2023New Paper "Multimodal epigenetic changes and altered NEUROD1 chromatin binding in the mouse hippocampus underlie FOXG1 syndrome"Akol *et al.* analyzed mouse FOXG1 functions on the chromatin level, having processed the multiomics data set on the European Galaxy server.
3 January 2023Galaxy is part of NFDI4Bioimage
3 January 2023New Paper "STAT3 signaling induced by the IL-6 family of cytokines modulates angiogenesis"Rapp *et al.* investigated on IL-6 cytokines effects on angiogenesis invoking STAT3 signaling pathway, relying on the European Galaxy server
20 December 2022New Paper "A panel of blood-derived miRNAs with a stable expression pattern as a potential pan-cancer detection signature"Sabbaghian et al. used the European Galaxy server to identify the roles of miRNAs in cancer
12 December 2022The Astronomy community and the EuroScienceGateway projectTowards harmonizing Open Data Practices in Astronomy with EuroScienceGateway community
8 December 2022Building blocks for a sustainable operating model of the EuroScienceGatewayWork Package 4 of the EuroScienceGateway project
8 December 2022The Biodiversity community and the EuroScienceGateway projectOne of the early adopters to embrace Open Science best practices
30 November 2022Slow Storage on EUStorage bottleneck on usegalaxy.eu results in slow queueing times
29 November 2022
24 November 2022Introduction to the EuroScienceGateway project administration and project managementWork Package 1 of the EuroScienceGateway project
24 November 2022Use-cases from early adopters to embrace Open Science best practicesWork Package 5 of the EuroScienceGateway project
21 November 2022Task-based history export trackingNew pull request from David López merged: Add task-based history export tracking
18 November 2022
14 November 2022BGE - Kickoff meetingThe BGE project kick-off meeting was celebrated between November 14th and November 18th in Leiden.
12 November 2022Amazing Twitter Post on Cake-based explanation of single cell RNA sequencingCombining baking and research
6 November 2022EuroScienceGateway - Kickoff meetingThe EuroScienceGateway project started officially with a 2 days kickoff meeting with all 17 partners
5 November 2022The start of the EuroScienceGateway - an EOSC projectEuroScienceGateway will deliver a robust, scalable, seamlessly integrated open infrastructure for data-driven research
4 November 2022Are you passionate about training in life sciences? The Freiburg Galaxy Team is looking for a team member who will develop, coordinate and implement training programs within international communities, especially via BioNT, a new multi-organization project funded by the European Commission, and via the Galaxy Training Network (GTN).
1 November 2022Impact on Galaxy of OpenSSL 3.0.x Vulnerabilities CVE-2022-3602 and CVE-2022-3786 ("Spooky SSL")Official severity downgraded to HIGH, exploitability and impact to Galaxy is very low
30 October 2022New Paper "Semi-automated assembly of high-quality diploid human reference genomes"Jarvis et al. determined which combination of current genome sequencing and assembly approaches yield the most complete and accurate diploid genome assembly with minimal manual curation
19 October 2022Research Data Management in GalaxyHow Galaxy manages your (meta)data
17 October 2022Galaxy as a cross-EOSC platformNew scientific collaboration agreement between EOSC-Life and EOSC-Pillar
14 October 2022Well-being and Mental Health GuidelinePublication of the Guideline
12 October 2022Outcomes of the European Galaxy DaysThe European Galaxy Community gathered in Freiburg to discuss recent and future Galaxy developments
30 September 2022EOSC4Cancer Kick-off Meeting"EOSC4Cancer has been launched
28 September 2022Introducing the Galaxy Global HubFind all your Galaxy info in one website
11 September 2022
10 August 2022The European Galaxy Team is hiring!The Freiburg Galaxy Team is looking for a Systems Engineer/DevOps Engineer!
6 July 2022New Paper "Creating a good learning and sharing environment for bioinformatics"Tomas Klingström and J.I. Ohlsson have published a paper about the use of BioContainers, Galaxy, and the GTN for bioinformatics researchers.
27 June 2022GCC2022: Registration open for Webinar modeFor those that won't attend in person, the GCC Organizing Committee is happy to announce a virtual webinar-like option
23 June 2022Usegalaxy.eu has reached 50,000 registered usersBig thanks to everybody that has contributed to the success of UseGalaxy.eu and to each of the 50K users for using Galaxy! Next stop: 100K!
21 June 2022Galaxy taking part @ Elixir All Hands 2022During 6-9th of June, members of the European Galaxy team travelled to Amsterdam to join the ELIXIR All Hands meeting 2022 where we joined other colleagues from ELIXIR-DE.
2 June 2022
20 May 2022
28 April 2022Training Infrastructure Feedback from Hans-Rudolf Hotz and Lucille DelisleAfter 2 years running the SIB "Galaxy Introduction for Life Scientists" course only online, we were super happy to stand in front of a crowd and meet again the students in person.
20 April 2022Towards a sustainable storage, enabling co-financing of public infrastructureResearch groups and networks can include their own storage into the European Galaxy server and decide about quota and data policies.
10 November 2021
10 November 2021Access data from the GTN in a more accessible, API based way.
12 October 2021
1 October 2021Teaching bioinformatics through blood, mucus and tearsWatch out for that My Little Pony baby stroller.
29 September 2021
24 September 2021
10 September 2021Annual reports 2020: ELIXIR and IFBThe ELIXIR and IFB annual reports for 2020 are out, and they highlight Galaxy work throughout.
24 August 2021Updates from the ELIXIR Galaxy CommunityAn updated ELIXIR Galaxy website includes our goals, with a special emphasis on interactions with the local, domain-specific and global communities; plus much more
24 August 2021Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) is sponsored by EOSC-LifeAnyone providing training is eligible to request the use of this service.
13 July 2021Highlights from the Galaxy Community Conference 2021399 participants from 55 countries
28 June 2021Open Life Science program & the Galaxy community: involvement in OLS-3 and invitation to apply to the next cohortOpen Life Science (OLS) is an online mentoring & training program
28 May 2021Webinars: Galaxy Resources for ...Watch them now.
20 May 2021The first Spanish tutorial is live! Galaxy has always had google-translated tutorials, but we are now embarking on a project to assess the learning experience with human-translated, vs google-translated, bioinformatics tutorials.
14 May 2021Two New Teaching Papers using GalaxyTwo hand-in-hand teaching papers have been published this week using Galaxy as a teaching platform.
4 May 2021May 2021 Galactic NewsGCC2021 and James Taylor Video Deadlines Extended, plus a whole lot more.
4 May 2021GCC2021 Abstract and Fellowship Submission, and Early Registration Deadlines ExtendedTalks & Fellowships due 17 May; Poster/Demos due 14 June
30 April 2021Outcomes of the workshop 'SARS-CoV-2 Data Analysis and Monitoring with Galaxy'Building capacity, both in the analysis and data management sides of SARS-CoV-2
19 April 2021The Galaxy community involved in several ELIXIR Implementation Studies
14 April 2021GCC2021 Conference FellowshipsApply by May 17
14 April 2021GCC2021 Abstract Submission are OpenAbstracts are due May 17
14 April 2021GCC2021 Registration is OpenPlease join us at Galaxy's annual community gathering
12 April 2021April 2021 Galactic NewsGCC2021 Abstracts and Registration are open, plus lots more.
10 April 2021
6 April 2021
30 March 2021
24 March 2021
24 March 2021
18 March 2021
18 March 2021
18 March 2021
17 March 2021
17 March 2021
17 March 2021March 2021 Galactic NewsNew Featured and Community News sections; new events, releases, training, and lots of videos
16 March 2021
16 March 20212021 Google Summer of CodeGalaxy is participating
10 March 2021Successful use cases from EOSC-Life using GalaxyThe first round of EOSC-Life demonstrators has driven eight successful use cases, three of them using Galaxy.
1 March 2021
14 February 2021Massive open online education party: GTN SmörgåsbordStarting Monday the 15th of February, the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) is running a global Galaxy online course
8 February 2021February 2021 Galactic NewsEvents, platform news, blog posts, videos, pubs, jobs and releases
4 February 20212021 Galaxy Community Conference will be virtual, global, and affordableAnd globally accessible
30 January 2021New and updated CNV and Variant Calling toolson UseGalaxy.eu and in the Toolshed
22 January 2021Variant Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing Data (Jan 2021 update)January 2021 update
18 January 2021UseGalaxy.fr is hiring
7 January 2021January 2021 Galactic NewsEvents, platform news, blog posts, videos, pubs, jobs and releases
22 December 2020Open Life Science program & the Galaxy community: involvement in OLS-2 and invitation to apply to the next cohort involvement in OLS-2 and invitation to apply to the next cohort
8 December 2020December 2020 Galactic NewsAnd what a month it is
16 November 2020Biohackathon Europe 2020The Galaxy community has participated in several projects
3 November 2020November 2020 Galactic NewsJXTX Foundation, Events, Platforms, Jobs, Pubs, ...
29 October 2020The first Paper Cuts Community Fest was a success!So we will do this again in November!
22 October 2020The EOSC-Life newsletter is out!Galaxy training, CellProfiler, and more
22 October 2020More than 8000 packages/containers in Bioconda/BioContainers from more than 1000 contributorsfrom 1000+ contributors
14 October 2020Training Infrastructure Feedback from Leighton PritchardAddressing challenges the global coronavirus pandemic
7 October 2020October 2020 Galactic NewsEvents & JTech, platforms, blog posts, tutorials, pubs, releases, ...
23 September 2020EOSC-Life Open CallsTwo funding opportunities are now open in EOSC-Life.
1 September 2020September 2020 Galactic NewsBCC2020 & GCC2021, events, platforms, blog posts, tutorials, pubs, releases, obs ...
22 August 20203 steps to get your tool into Galaxy - A real-world exampleA real-world example
1 July 2020July 2020 Galactic NewsBCC2020, SRA, Events, Platforms, Training, Jobs, ...
11 June 2020June 2020 Galactic NewsJames Taylor Foundation, BCC2020, Galaxy+SRA, Events, Platforms, ...
4 May 2020May 2020 Galactic NewsJames Taylor, BCC2020, COVID-19 Response, and more
3 April 2020James Taylor1979 - 2020
6 March 2020de.NBI Training Infrastructure Feedback from Helena Rascheand was wildly successful
27 February 2020TIaaS Calendar and Stats siteTraining Infrastructure as a Service
11 February 2020Towards a European network of Galaxy resources
8 January 2020January 2020 Galactic NewsEvents, Pubs, Blogs, Platforms, Tutorials, Doc, and Happy New Year too
8 January 2020Galaxy Training SurveyWe need your input on preparing and giving Galaxy Trainings
9 December 2019December 2019 Galactic NewsEvents, Pubs, Blogs, Platforms, Tutorials, Doc, Jobs, Releases, and Platypi too.
2 December 201910,000 users, 6,370,000 jobs and 11,900,000 datasetsA big thank you to all our users and people that have contributed to this project!
12 November 2019November 2019 Galactic NewsEvents! Pubs! Platforms! Jobs! Releases!
2 November 2019Training update from Tomas KlingströmAgricultural Sciences collaboration between Swedish University of Agricultural sciences researchers and the Agricultural Research Council in South Africa
2 October 2019October 2019 Galactic NewsEvents! Pubs! Platforms! Jobs! Doc! Tutorials! And some other news too.
30 August 2019September 2019 Galactic NewsEvents! Pubs! Platforms! Jobs! Doc! Tutorials! Releases! And some other news too.
6 August 2019Galaxy Community Conference - a brief summary!A brief summary
1 August 2019August 2019 Galactic NewsGCC2019 is done; BCC2020 is coming
28 June 2019July 2019 Galactic NewsGCC2019 is here! (And other new stuff too)
17 June 2019TIaaS Queue Statususing UseGalaxy.eu’s Training infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS).
13 June 2019Native support for Elixir-AAI in Galaxy v.19.05the European Galaxy Server hosted by Elixir Germany is now ready to accept logins from users using their Elixir AAI identity for authentication..
3 June 2019June 2019 Galactic NewsGCC2019 registration / Poster/Demo abstracts / sponsors, GTN CoFest, Platforms, Pubs, Jobs, Blog!, Training, Tools, Releases and more!
6 May 2019May 2019 Galactic NewsGCC2019 registration / Poster/Demo abstracts / sponsors, GTN CoFest, Platforms, Pubs, Jobs, Blog!, Training, Tools, Releases and more!
3 April 2019April 2019 Galactic NewsGCC2019 registration and abstract submission, Platforms, Pubs, Jobs, Blog!, Training, Tools, Releases and more!
4 March 2019March 2019 Galactic NewsGalaxyAdmins, GCC2019 Childcare sponsors, Platforms, Pubs, Jobs, Blog!, Training, Tools, Releases and more!